Nave's Topical Bible
Orville James Nave (1841-1917). Based on the King James translation of the Bible.
Each verse of the Bible is indexed according to the topics it is classified under.

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Nave's Topical Bible




Also called KISON (A noted river of Palestine emptying into the Mediterranean Sea near the northern base of Mount Carmel) Sisera defeated at, and his army destroyed in Jud 4:7, 13; 5:21; Ps 83:9

Prophets of Baal destroyed by Elijah at 1Ki 18:40


Of affection Ge 27:26, 27; 31:55; 33:4; 48:10; 50:1; Ex 18:7; Ru 1:14; 2Sa 14:33; 19:39; Lu 15:20; Ac 20:37

The feet of Jesus kissed by the penitent woman Lu 7:38

Deceitful Pr 27:6

Of Joab, when he killed Amasa 2Sa 20:9, 10

Of Judas, when he betrayed Jesus Mt 26:48; Lu 22:48

The holy Ro 16:16; 2Co 13:12; 1Th 5:26; 1Pe 5:14


A bird forbidden as food Le 11:14; De 14:13


A city of the tribe of Judah Jos 15:40


A city of the tribe of Zebulun Jud 1:30




General scriptures concerning Ex 8:3; 12:34; De 28:5, 17


An edged tool used by Abraham in offering Isaac Ge 22:6

Of the temple, returned from Babylon Ezr 1:9

Used for sharpening pens Jer 36:23

Self flagellation with, in idolatrous worship 1Ki 18:28


Of good and evil Ge 2:9, 17; 3:22

Is power Pr 3:20; 24:5

Desire for 1Ki 3:9; Ps 119:66; Pr 2; 3; 12:1; 15:14; 18:15

Rejected Ho 4:6

Those who reject are destroyed Ho 4:6

Fools hate Pr 1:22, 29

A divine gift 1Co 12:8

Is pleasant Pr 2:10

Shall be increased Da 12:4

The earth shall be full of Isa 11:9

The fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of Pr 1:7

Of more value than gold Pr 8:10

The priest's lips should keep Mal 2:7

Of salvation Lu 1:77

Key of Lu 11:52

"Now we know in part" 1Co 13:9 12

Of God more than burnt offering Ho 6:6

Of Christ Php 3:8



A symbolical term in Eze 23:23